101 Youth Rugby Drills (101 Drills) by Chris Sheryn

By Chris Sheryn

The perform bible for formative years rugby coaches. Designed particularly for more youthful avid gamers, one hundred and one formative years Rugby Drills incorporates a diversity of revolutionary perform drills to assist younger gamers increase. enjoyable, academic and demanding, all drills are illustrated and canopy the basic technical talents required to introduce rugby, together with: * warming up and cooling down * dealing with the ball * working with the ball * working off the ball * attacking and protecting styles. in addition to easy-to-use directions, each one drill comprises details on the apparatus wanted, the distance required, how you can build a secure and potent exercise session and the way to organise the avid gamers.

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Equipment: 10 cones and one ball. Description: Place six cones in a 1 m diameter circle. Place another four cones 3 m away, as shown in the diagram, with a maximum of three players assigned to each of these cones. Each outer cone is numbered 1–4, and the ball is placed in the centre circle. g. ‘one-left’), the first player from the designated cone runs out and passes the ball from the floor in the direction indicated, before running through to join the back of the line directly opposite. The receiver then runs out and places the ball in the circle, before running through and joining the rear of the line opposite.

Description: Mark out a run of 10 m, then 5 m, then 10 m. Players gently accelerate from the first to the second cone, then run flat out for 5 m. They then use the final 10 m to decelerate, turn straight around and start accelerating to the second cone to perform the drill again. There and back is one rep. Each player completes two reps and then walks slowly to fully recover before going again. Start with three sets of two reps and build up slowly over a period of weeks. Coaching points: Encourage a real change of pace and controlled movement.

On the coach’s command, player 2 walks into the pad keeping the ball away from the shield. Player 1 must put up good resistance and try to hold their ground. Player 3 acts as the supporting player – as player 2 makes contact player 3 follows in to secure the ball. Rotate the players so they all get the chance to use the tackle shield, and also be the driver and supporter. Coaching points: The ball carrier must take the ball in two hands but close to the body. Player 3 must watch which way player 2 hits the shield – if it is with the left shoulder then player 3 should drive in on the ball using his right, protecting the ball from the side.

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