A commonsense guide to fasting by Kenneth E. Hagin

By Kenneth E. Hagin

Rev. Hagin encourages Christians to check and persist with the scriptural purposes for fasting. He discuss-es the right kind size for a quick, and he offers an engaging replacement to the normal view of fasting--an replacement the Lord gave him

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Sometimes the presence of God would move in on us and we would all just sit there. Not a child cried. Nobody moved. Nobody would say anything. We sat there sometimes 45 minutes. The power of God—the presence of God—was so real you didn't want to move. You were afraid if you moved a finger, the presence would go away. One fellow would bring his wife, who was saved, to these services, and then he would go uptown to talk, chew, whittle, and cuss. One time he came back around noon, expecting the service to be over, but it wasn't.

The pastor said night after night, "Boys, I just marvel at God moving in such a way. " He was trying to put it back on works; he thought works would get the job done. But I went believing God. God honors faith. That's the thing God honors more than anything else. Chapter 7 Different Kinds of Fasts Remember how Daniel fasted 21 days? " We need to realize there is more than one way to fast. Daniel didn't eat anything he wanted, but he did eat a little something. That is harder to do sometimes. You see, it's a matter of keeping the flesh under; keeping the body under and not letting it dominate you.

We wouldn't be surprised but what God would lead you down to Wales to raise up our Lazarus," they told him. They explained that Lazarus was a man who had spent his days working in a tin mine and his nights preaching. He had collapsed and become ill with tuberculosis, and for four years had been a helpless invalid, having to be fed with a spoon. Two years later the Lord spoke to Wigglesworth. Often this great man of faith would walk in the countryside. One day he climbed one of the highest mountains in Wales.

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