A Despotism of Law: Crime and Justice in Early Colonial by Radhika Singha

By Radhika Singha

This quantity offers with law-making as a cultural firm during which the colonial nation needed to draw upon present normative codes of rank, prestige and gender, and re-order them to a brand new and extra specific definition of the state's sovereign correct.

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79 RB to Sub-Secy, 21 January 1791, BRJ P/127173, 29 April 1791, " pp. 6 1 2 - 1 8 . ' 80 Ibid. Under the law regulating kisas, the hakim could make a claim for blood-money or death if the deceased did not have any heirs. f 56 A Despotism ofLtrw et ... his heirs could forgive the offender or accept c,ompensation. They went on to explain that During the first beginnings of the Court all the Books were not forthcoming; wherefore Reliance was necessaril}' placed on the Kunz farsi..... But now thro' the divine favour and your Goodness a numher of the best Arabic work'!

P. 163. Markham. resident, to GG in C, I April 1782, Letter book of RB. pp. 138-9, IOL. A Maratha chiefwho had imprisoned one Goober Dass was told that everyone, irrespective of rank. had to submit to the Banaras adalat in acknowledgement of the Company's sovereignty. G. Cherry, Agent to thl: Governor General (AGG), to. Raghuji Bhonsla, 9 October 1792, Duncan Records (DR), Basta 11, No. RR to GG in C, 6 February 1788, fiRC 1'15I1I(), I-ZlJ hhruary 178B,p. 452; RBtoGG in C, 13 March 1788, BRC P/51/17, Z6 M;lrch 17HH• pp.

They in their tUm took counter-security for him from his 'creditable relatives'. On his second detention for rebel1iousness, it was the Kallshik zamindars who stood surety, BCr} P/128120, 5 June 1795, pp. 2 lf the British resident or judge of one of the adalats sought in'1Ormation from the mufassil, 'they would applY,to the amil who would call upon his naib to proceed' to the,spot, accompanied by the local kazi, mufti and the canungos, to consult with t'le zamindars, the chaudhries and the ashraf, ie·.

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