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This SpringerBrief proposes a normal framework for reasoning approximately inconsistency in a large choice of logics, together with inconsistency solution equipment that experience no longer but been studied. The proposed framework permits clients to specify personal tastes on find out how to get to the bottom of inconsistency whilst there are a number of how you can accomplish that. This empowers clients to solve inconsistency in information leveraging either their distinct wisdom of the information in addition to their program wishes. The short indicates that the framework is well-suited to deal with inconsistency in numerous logics, and offers algorithms to compute most popular suggestions. ultimately, the short exhibits that the framework not just captures a number of current works, but in addition helps reasoning approximately inconsistency in different logics for which no such equipment exist today.

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Neither B nor L appear within the scope of the other. , the consequences of his explicit beliefs). Semantics of sentences is given in terms of a model structure S, B, T, F , where S is a set of situations, B is a subset of S (the situations that could be the actual ones according to what is believed), and T and F are functions from Σ to subsets of S. Intuitively, T (p) are the situations that support the truth of p and F(p) are the situations that support the falsity of p. A primitive proposition may be true, false, both, or neither in a situation.

N : [ n , un ]} | [ i , ui ] ⊆ [ i , ui ], 1 ≤ i ≤ n}. 3. 2. 5] ⊆ [ 2 , u2 ]. t. t. [ 1 , u1 ] ∩ [ 2 , u2 ] = 0/ (this condition ensures consistency). Suppose that the preferred options are those that modify the probability intervals as little as possible: Oi P O j iff sc(Oi ) ≤ sc(O j ) for any options Oi , O j for K , where sc(CN({ψ1 , ψ2 })) = diff(ψ1 , ψ1 ) + diff(ψ2 , ψ2 ) and diff(φ : [ 1 , u1 ], φ : [ 2 , u2 ]) = 1 − 2 + u2 − u1 . 6. We now define the preference relation introduced in the example above.

V. 1007/978-1-4614-6750-2, © The Author(s) 2013 43 44 References Dung PM (1995) On the acceptability of arguments and its fundamental role in nonmonotonic reasoning, logic programming and n-person games. Artif Intell 77:321–357 Emerson EA (1990) Temporal and modal logic. In: Handbook of theoretical computer science. Elsevier, Amsterdam/New York, pp 995–1072 Gabbay DM, Pnueli A, Shelah S, Stavi J (1980) On the temporal basis of fairness. In: Symposium on principles of programming languages (POPL), Las Vegas, pp 163–173 Gardenfors P (1988) The dynamics of belief systems: foundations vs.

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