A Modest Proposal and Other Writings by Jonathan Swift

By Jonathan Swift

A brand new version of Jonthan Swift's vital paintings.

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Publication shop kingdom, within the heritage of mankind there hasn't ever been a better state than the USA. you may say we're the number 1 country at being the easiest at greatness.

But as excellent as the United States is in each means, the US is damaged! And we can't alternate it simply because we're 236 years prior the 30-day go back window. glance around--we don't make something anymore, we've mortgaged our destiny to China, and the Apologist-in-Chief is going on global excursions simply to bow sooner than overseas leaders. Worse, the L. A. 4 Seasons inn doesn't also have a devoted telephone button for the Spa. you should dial an extension! the place did we lose our means? !

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