Aces High by Kay Hooper

By Kay Hooper

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3 Chapter One. 5 Chapter Two. 18 Chapter Three. 30 Chapter Four 42 Chapter Five. 54 Chapter Six. 66 Chapter Seven. 77 Chapter Eight 87 Chapter Nine. 100 Epilogue. and never stopped hating himself for wanting her still. In a world where survival depended on suspicion, he'd fallen in love--and it had broken him as violence never had. and an aching hunger to make Katrina burn for him again. Katrina had fought her memories, had tried to heal the pain of losing Skye by building walls around her heart, but once she was in his arms, she couldn't fight him--or her own prima!

Instantly he moved back. He wouldn't have been too concerned if his single glance upward hadn't let him know that a large blunt-ended fake-log boat was hurtling down the chute. He managed, barely, to get out of the way, and as soon as the boat shot into the lagoon began moving toward it with a number of blistering words leaping from his tongue. But the moment he got a clear look at the occupant of the boat he went utterly still, the clash of emotions inside him closing his throat so that no words could escape.

Katrina Keller paused briefly at the desk in the lobby of the hotel to make certain there was no crisis requiring her attention, then went up to her suite on the top floor. Neither Gigi nor the owners of the theme park stinted when it came to the comfort of their employees, so Katrina's rooms were very nice Indeed. A corner suite with plenty of windows and bright, comfortable furnishings, it was spacious and lovely. It was Katrina's home. She had lived there for nearly five years, ever since Gigi had managed to get her out of Germany.

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