Advanced Graphics with the Commodore 128 by M. M. Novak (auth.)

By M. M. Novak (auth.)

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The value of the dependent variable is represented by the height of a bar. There are many ways to build a bar. In this book we shall concentrate solely on constructing histograms within the high-resolution graphics mode. Although the execution time needed is somewhat longer, we gain fine control over the final display, as is amply illustrated in the next pages. The first histogram consists of bars just one pixel wide. The space between the bars is nine pixels. The height of the bars reflects the variation of the sine function.

Therefore, it is essential to develop an effective way of generating straight-line segments. In most cases we shall rely on the C-128 to ORAw lines for us. However, on occasion it may be useful to know how the software line generation method works, especially as direct recourse to the line equation proves computationally unsatisfactory. In our discussion so far, we have not placed any restrictions on the coordinates of individual points. The coordinates could be very large or very small and, in general, they are expressed by real numbers.

The corresponding addresses containing the set are in ROM, BANK 14, and are located between 53 248 and 57 344. 5. 5 The next task is to determine the exact position of each individual character within a set. Remember that each available character has a unique screen code, that is, the code used when POKEing the character on a screen, as listed in the Appendix. The bit pattern of each character occupies eight bytes. Therefore, multiplying the screen code by eight and adding it to the beginning of the appropriate character memory gives the starting address of the required character.

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