Air Conditioning Engineering by W.P. Jones MSc CEng FInstE FCIBSE MASHRAE


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For this chart then, a principle can be stated for the expression of mixture states. When two airstreams mix adiabatically, the mixture state lies on the straight line which joins the state points of the constituents, and the position of the mixture state point is such that the line is divided inversely as the ratio of the masses of dry air in the constituent airstreams. 325 kPa barometric pressure. If the masses of dry air are 3 kg and 2 kg, respectively, calculate the moisture content, enthalpy and dry-bulb temperature of the mixture.

5~ wet-bulb (sling). You may use the CIBSE tables of psychrometric data only to determine saturation vapour pressures. 1%. Notation Symbol Description Unit A surface area of a water droplet second virial coefficient, molecules considered t w o at a time third virial coefficient, molecules considered three at a time second virial coefficient of dry air second virial coefficient of water vapour third virial coefficient of water vapour interaction coefficient constants constants constant specific heat of moist air specific heat of dry air specific heat of water vapour (steam) dimensionless coefficient moisture content moisture content of saturated air moisture content of saturated air at a temperature t' enthalpy specific enthalpy of moist air me Aik(T) Aijk(T) Aaa Aww AWWW Aaw A,B,C,D A', B', etc.

_ 13.. t-. Q < 40 30 20 . 6132 kPa 10 C 0 "--" -20 ~ , , 40 ~ 60 ~ --" 0o 20 ~ 80 ~ Temperature Fig. 10 The triple point of water. 100 ~ 34 Fundamental properties of air and water vapour mixtures and vapour, as changes of pressure and temperature occur. 2 Pa is defined by international agreement as the temperature at which the solid, liquid and vapour forms of water can exist together in saturated equilibrium. 15 K), respectively. We see in the figure that it is not possible for liquid water to exist at a pressure below that of the triple point.

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