Airlift! The Story of the Military Airlift Command by Marcella Thum

By Marcella Thum

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Earlier in the year, in August, Hurricane Allen, the seeond most powerful Atlantic hurricane in history, ripped through the Caribbean, leaving shattering death and destruction in winds were clocked of homes and hurricane reshaped more than 100 people. In the coastline of Jamaica. hotels disappeared with a single slap Immediately wake. Allen's 185 miles per hour, demolishing thousands at killing its MAC dispatched just six hours, the Two beachfront from 30-foot waves. Disaster Assistance Support teams, helicopters, and supplies to the stricken islands of Jamaica, Haiti, Barbados, One Dominica, and St.

Rough sea 10,000 feet below. '' All around the plane were steel-blue sky walls of dense thunder- storms and strong winds. The aerial reconnaissance weather oflBcer found the velocity of surface winds was 80 to 90 miles per hour, 57 • T*^ m 'J Dropsonde operator loads a drop-chamber capsule with a radiosonde mitter aboard a WC-J30 aircraft. well in excess of hurricane The eye, trans- wind speeds beyond 73 miles per hour. navigator sought a soft spot in the '\vair' surrounding the and found a narrow opening between towering thunderstorms.

Arms that part the jungle foliage straps himself to the penetrator arms at the other end and it the pilot If lowered. is The survivor releases a set of spring-loaded for protection as the branches of the trees. will as is lower himself on the penetrator and he is hauled up through injured, a assist pararescueman the pilot up to the helicopter and tend his wounds. shot If a pilot is SA-16A first down over water, the Albatross, a fixed-wing The used in Korea, often becomes the rescue vehicle. amphibious plane can make water landing to pick up survivors, a if the sea permits, or lower a hoist to the is too rough.

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