Anglicanism and the British Empire, c.1700-1850 by Rowan Strong

By Rowan Strong

Among 1700 and 1850 the Church of britain was once the one of the strongest and influential non secular, social, and political forces in Britain. This used to be additionally a momentous time for the British Empire, in which it constructed after which misplaced the North American colonies, prolonged into India, and settled the colonies of Australia and New Zealand. Public realizing of this increasing empire was once influentially created and promulgated by means of the Church of britain because of its missionary engagement with those colonies, and its function in offering church buildings for British settlers. Rowan powerful examines how that Anglican Christian knowing of the British Empire formed the identities either one of the folk dwelling in British colonies in North the US, Bengal, Australia, and New Zealand in this interval - together with colonists, indigenous peoples, and Negro slaves - and of the English in Britain.

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The Oxford History of New Zealand, 2nd edn. (Auckland: Oxford University Press, 1992), 157. 39 These were the Arawa, Ngati Porou, Nagati Kahunga, and Wanganui. , 158. 40 Bronwyn Elsmore, Mana from Heaven: A Century of Maori Prophets in New Zealand, 2nd edn. (Auckland: Reed Books, 1999), xiii, 12–13, 144–6. 41 Sorrenson, ‘Maori and Pakeha’, 157. Historical Interpretations 23 the concern of historians of mission, who were largely supportive of this historical movement of western Christianity. C.

These publications were distributed throughout England and in the colonies, and thereby constituted the promulgation of the oldest continuous Anglican discussion of the empire among Anglicans at home and abroad. Notwithstanding the SPG’s forging of this connection between empire and Anglicanism, a number of historians of the early English and then British Empire have dismissed religion as a major causative factor in the emergence of imperialism. Kenneth Andrews, in his history of the early empire, came to the conclusion that overseas territorial acquisition by the English took so long to occur in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries because colonization and missions were very much secondary to trade and piracy, which brought quicker returns for less eVort.

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