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From morning to dead night, those fantastically illustrated publications invite readers to spend an afternoon with the animals and vegetation that inhabit the world's such a lot attention-grabbing environments.

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Polar bear s A hungry wolf sniffs shed antlers in hope of finding a shred of flesh to chew on. clea y tel of s e l wh k mp o h. c a s an le bones fle d s blub ll a e w ber as st n— ri p n i 42 Washed up on an Arctic beach, the carcass of a bowhead whale attracts scavenging polar bears. Although we think of seals as their main food, some experts believe that up to ten percent of their diet is made of whale meat. Scavenging means eating dead animals or human garbage. Scavenger hunt Glaucous gulls are very large birds.

Key: a-above; b-below/bottom; c-center; f-far; l-left; r-right; t-top) Predator An animal that hunts, kills, and eats other animals. Prey An animal that is hunted, killed, and eaten by a predator. Scavenger An animal that feeds on the carcasses of other animals, or on human garbage. Whelping patch A sheet of pack ice where a large group of female seals gather to give birth to their pups. The publisher would like to thank the following for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs: Alamy Images: Arco Images 29br, 38tc, 42tr; Juniors Bildarchiv 13tr, 31tr, 31br; blickwinkel 19tr, 28tr, 33crb; Steve Bloom Images 3, 5c, 14-15, 40, 40-41; Bryan And Cherry Alexander Photography 3, 7tr, 17tl, 18-19c, 22tr, 24, 24-25, 35br, 43tr, 43cr; Mark Duffy 7br; David Fleetham 20tl; Image State 13cr; Steven J.

Some experts think that when 1 1 Reindeer winter approaches, reindeer instinctively eat less to reduce their weight. As a result, they don’t need so much food to survive. 32 What's up at 6 o'clock? Despite being well fed and fat, this polar bear has killed a seal. He may eat only its skin and fat, but a hungry bear would strip the bones. Caribou don’t live in the very coldest part of the Arctic, but they wander very far north in spring, when the females (called cows) have their babies. When a blizzard threatens, this Arctic fox protects his face from the cold by wrapping his thick, bushy tail all around his body.

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