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Complete the table and questions on the following page using information obtained by taking resistance measurements at the points illustrated in the diagram. EC1-24 14 module EC1 AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT ANALYSIS ACTIVITY Ω1 Ω2 Ω3 R1 R2 R3 Ω4 EC1-25 Ω5 Ω6 R4 R5 Ω7 Ω8 L1 L2 Ω1 Resistor 1 Ω Ω2 Resistor 2 Ω Ω3 Resistor 3 Ω Ω4 Total Resistance Ω Ω5 Resistor 4 Ω Ω6 Resistor 5 Ω Ω7 Total Resistance Ω Ω8 Lamp 1 Ω Ω9 Lamp 2 Ω Ω10 Lamp 3 Ω Ω11 Total Resistance Ω EC1-26 Ω10 Ω9 RESISTANCE: LOADS CONNECTED IN SERIES L3 Ω11 EC1-27 In the space below explain what the resistance measurements you obtained tell us about resistance in a series circuit.

On the ground side of the circuit, current flows from the back-up lights through splice S404 to grounding point G400 and back to the battery through the vehicle body. EC1-30 If either bulb burns out or either parallel branch develops an open, the unaffected bulb will continue to operate. module EC1 17 AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT ANALYSIS ACTIVITY Measuring Voltage in a Parallel Circuit In this activity, we are measuring the available source voltage and the voltage drop of a normally operating circuit with the loads arranged in parallel.

How the components are connected within the circuit determines the type of circuit. Each type of circuit causes voltage and current to divide according to specific rules. Series Circuit A series circuit has only one path for the current to flow. All the components are connected in-line. The same amount of current will flow through each component but the voltage will drop as current flows through each load device. If an open occurs anywhere in the path there will be no current flow. An example of a series circuit would be the old type of christmas tree lights.

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