BCS: 50 years by Leon N. Cooper

By Leon N. Cooper

The BCS conception of superconductivity built in 1957 through Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer has been remarkably winning in explaining the homes of superconductors. moreover, thoughts from BCS were integrated into different fields of physics, from nuclear physics and dense quark topic to the present common version. functional functions comprise SQUIDs, magnetic resonance imaging, superconducting electronics and the transmission of electrical energy. This useful publication is a compilation of either a historic account and a dialogue of the present country of concept and scan. With contributions from many famous scientists, it goals to introduce scholars and researchers to the origins, the influence and the present country of the BCS conception.

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The metastability of persistent currents does not occur because of lack of scattering. Quasi-particles are readily scattered, but such scattering does not change the common momentum of the pairs and thus v s . It only results in fluctuations about the current corresponding to local quasi-particle equilibrium, ρs vs . An unexpected feature of the theory is the marked effect of coherence on the matrix elements for scattering of quasi-particles in a superconductor. It accounts for phenomena which would be inexplicable on the basis of any simple two-fluid model.

Am I Right? That’s right. Q: And This Went on for Several Months? Yes. Q: Weren’t You All Feeling Somewhat Discouraged? I personally had become somewhat discouraged at being able to make significant progress taking Leon’s beautiful result and making a many-body theory out of it. I had started to quietly work on ferromagnetism. And I had mentioned to Bardeen that I thought perhaps I would like to change the thesis topic, because I didn’t quite see that we were going anywhere. Q: And What Was Bardeen’s Reaction?

29 Kronig might have concluded that it is not always wise to follow the advice of an established and respected expert. In his theory of superconductivity, Kronig considered the regime where the kinetic energy of electrons is sufficiently small such that they crystallize to minimize their Coulomb energy. 5in J. Schmalian much higher than those of crystal lattice vibrations, amounting to its strong rigidity. In the presence of an electric field, this electron crystal was then supposed to slide as a whole, as the rigidity of the electron crystal would suppress scattering by individual electrons.

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