Between Sardis and Philadelphia: The Life and World of by Douglas Shantz

By Douglas Shantz

This research examines the existence and international of Conrad Broske (1660-1713), court docket Preacher in Offenbach/Mayn. His declare to repute lies in a 10 yr interval among 1694 and 1704 within which this Marburg-trained pastor grew to become a prolific writer, polemicist and promoter of chiliastic writings, due to a gathering with Thomas Beverley in 1693 and the baptism of a Muslim convert in 1694. Broske lived a fancy lifestyles 'between Sardis and Philadelphia', as a Reformed courtroom preacher and Philadelphian chiliast. His two-sided adventure used to be really the norm one of the Pietists, together with so-called radicals. lifestyles among paradigms was once the German means of being radical in early smooth instances because of an absence of spiritual toleration in comparison to England and the Netherlands. Broske's tale belongs to the increase of 'Early Evangelicalism' that W.R. Ward has lately mentioned.

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17 One of them was Conrad Bröske. Marburg University in the Late Seventeenth Century Bröske arrived in Marburg on October 18, 1678. 18 Given their Reformed church background, Marburg was a logical choice for the Bröske brothers. The leading Reformed universities in the German empire at the time were Marburg, Heidelberg, Bremen and Duisburg, with Marburg the closest to Balhorn. In Bröske’s day, Marburg University ranked in size just behind Gießen and just ahead of Erfurt. 19 The Marburg matriculation records show that one “Conradus Bröskenius, Balhornensis Hassus” registered on October 21st, 1678 in the faculty of Philosophy, or arts.

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