Blueprint for building strong faith by Kenneth, Jr. Hagin

By Kenneth, Jr. Hagin

Many believers do not understand all that Jesus did for us via His redemptive paintings at the go. we'd don't have anything if it were not for Jesus. yet as a result of Jesus, we've salvation, therapeutic, deli

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Most people are afraid of the devil. They would like to hide from him. But you're going to have to be able to boldly claim what belongs to you in the Name of El Shaddai, the God who is more than enough. You're going to have to be willing to stand, look the devil square in the eye, and say, "You hoodwinked me and fooled me for the last time! " Bless God, I'm not afraid to face the devil. In fact, if I see him about 50 yards down the street, I call, "Hey! Hey! Devil! " He ducks around a corner. He doesn't want any part of me.

They witnessed the same words and the same power. And they knew that these simple men did not receive it any other way except from being in the atmosphere where teaching and miracles were taking place. It had become part of their innermost beings. Now when the disciples went out to minister it was the same as Jesus ministering! You and I live in an age where people should be taking notice that we have been with Jesus! He was the Living Word to those disciples in the first century. He is the written Word to us, the disciples of today.

And every time those words come out of your mouth, it's like somebody hitting him with a whip. So he doesn't want any part of you. Yet the Church has been so beaten down—so cowed—that its members are not bold anymore. Instead of going out looking for the devil, they hide if they see him coming. I really believe some people have more reverence for the devil than they have for God. When they start talking about the devil, they get quiet. Brother Hagin tells about being in California in 1950 in the middle of a flu epidemic.

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