Bruce Lee - Ma Methode De Combat by Bruce Lee, Uyehara

By Bruce Lee, Uyehara

Bruce Lee - Ma Methode De strive against ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ,ЗДОРОВЬЕ Автор: Bruce Lee, UyeharaНазвание: Bruce Lee - Ma Methode De strive against - Jet Kune Do 1 - l. a. Self safeguard Издательство: BudostoreГод: 1995Формат: pdfРазмер: sixteen mbКнига по боевому искусству eighty five

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The players in position A are the dribblers and their partners in position B are the chasers. The coach will give a signal to begin and the player in position B will pass the ball to the player in position A who will dribble the full length of the court to the far basket and attempt a lay-up shot. The trailing player in position B must chase the attacker after making the pass and attempt to block the shot. The players then return around the outside of the court to positions A and B, but change roles.

The players follow the guidelines one group at a time. (1) Thumb up: dribble forwards; (2) Thumb down: dribble backwards; (3) Open palms: stationary dribbling; (4) Outstretched right hand: dribble left; (5) Outstretched left hand: dribble right. The coach walks backwards as he makes the signals and the players move towards him as they dribble. When the dribbling group have reached the free throw line at the opposite end of the court they then dribble around the outside of the court and rejoin the waiting players at the start point.

Player 3 is positioned at the far end of the court, yet still within the lane. As player 1 begins to dribble towards player 2, player 3 moves behind player 2 and offers a target for a pass from player 1. When player 1 approaches area A, they must attempt to make a pass to player 3, but they cannot use an overhead pass. Player 2 must attempt to intercept the pass. Once a successful pass has been made the players then return to their original positions, but player 3 now starts as the dribbler. Coaching points: The players should be encouraged to make a firm pass, fake before passing and pivot to create a better position for receiving an appropriate pass.

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