Canadian Military Heritage. Vol. 1. 1000-1754 by Rene Chartrand

By Rene Chartrand

;Canadian army background. Vol. 1. 1000-1754 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Canadian army historical past. Vol. 1. 1000-1754Автор: Rene ChartrandИздательство: paintings GlobalISBN: 2920718495Год издания: 1993Страниц: 240Язык: АнглийскийФормат: PDFКачество: отличноеРазмер: 30 МбОписание:Military background of Canada in IX-XVIII centuries.Art worldwide Inc. 1993, First variation. quantity I of the excellent sequence at the army heritage and history of Canada, from the earliest days to the current. Contents: Foreword. bankruptcy I - the 1st Warriors. 2 - infantrymen of the 16th Century. three - the 1st infantrymen of latest France. four - The Kings infantrymen. five - The Compagnies Franches de l. a. Marine of Canada. 6 - infantrymen of the Atlantic Seaboard. 7 - the army Empire. Notes. Chronology of significant Battles. different military Troops. Bibliography. Index. beautifully illustrated in complete color with reproductions of ancient images, uniforms, colors, insignia, museum artefacts, apparatus, armaments, maps, plans, and masses else. colored maps to entrance and rear end-papers. 239 pp.0

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