Casting your cares upon the Lord by Kenneth E Hagin

By Kenneth E Hagin

Adventure of lives replaced, our bodies healed, and burdens lifted because of studying Casting Your Cares and following Rev. Hagin's good-humored, common-sense propose

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So, he's got money; he's got clothes; he's got health— and I never was as mean as him! "You know, Lord, I've always been pretty good. Of course, handicapped like I was, I couldn't do too much that was wrong.. " Then I said, "There is So-and-so (and I named a boy who lived in my end of town and who started school with me in the first grade). He's got money. He's got new clothes. " (For a teenager to have an automobile in 1933—brother! ) "And he's running around in an almost-new automobile—and I know how he got his money!

They didn't tell me much about what was wrong with me. When you're an invalid, you can lie there and imagine that everything in the world is wrong with you. And you're sure taking thought about tomorrow, because you may not even be here tomorrow! " The Bible had been all light, joy, and a blessing to me. But the further I got into Matthew, it became dark, with no joy, no blessing, no reality to it. I stopped to check up. I asked myself, What's wrong here? Matthew 6 kept popping up. " "Dear Lord," I said, "if a person's got to live like Matthew 6 said, I'll never make it.

What God wants you to do is turn it over to Him. No, I didn't say it was easy; especially if you've been in the habit of worry for a long time. Get in the habit of faith instead. Just release the worry habit into His hands. Say, "Lord, I'm putting it into your hands. I'm going to turn that over to You. I refuse to fret anymore, I refuse to worry anymore. I refuse to be unduly concerned anymore about this. I refuse to be full of care. You said to cast it all on You because You love me; You care for me affectionately and You care about me watchfully, and I thank You for it.

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