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Hg. 467 Btu/lb da . 818 Btu/lbda. 649 Btu/lb da This is the heat of the vapor. 4205 in. Hg. 73966 in. Hg. 92 in. Hg. What is the relative humidity of the moist air? 0158320 lbv/lbda, find Ws. By Equation (15), Solution: By definition, the 60°F dew-point temperature is the saturation temperature corresponding to the actual partial pressure of the water vapor in the air. 521930 in. Hg. 739660 in. Hg. 739660 in. Hg. 56 % Example 6:What is the enthalpy of moist air at 80°F drybulb temperature and 40% relative humidity?

Hg. 739660 in. Hg. 739660 in. Hg. 56 % Example 6:What is the enthalpy of moist air at 80°F drybulb temperature and 40% relative humidity? 92 in. Hg. 444T). 033020 in. Hg. 413208 in. Hg. 92 in. Hg. Determine (1) humidity ratio, (2) saturation ratio, (3) relative humidity, (4) enthalpy, and (5) specific volume of dry air. 52193 in. Hg. 8129 Btu/lb da By Equation (5), PaVa=RaT, where Pa is the partial pressure of the dry air in the moist air, may be used to find V a . 3981in. 434 psia. —To facilitate engineering computations, a graphical representation of the properties of moist air has been developed and is known as a psychrometric chart.

When you read the values or draw lines, always use a sharp drafting-type pencil and straight edge. Dew point temperatures is also horizontal. Relative humidity lines with shapes similar to the saturation curve appear at regular intervals. A protractor with two scales appears at the upper left of Charts 1 and 2 of Figs. 2-5, and 2-6 respectively. One scale gives the sensible heat ratio and the other the ratio of enthalpy difference to humidity ratio difference. Fig 2-4b. 5 ft 3/lb Td Fig 2-4c. Lines of constant specific volume v on the psychrometric chart Tw = 70 F Td = 80 W W T w Construction of the Psychrometric Chart: The charts of Figs.

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