Coaching the Little LeagueВ® Hitter by John Monteleone

By John Monteleone


Packed with precious details on the best way to support their avid gamers increase on the plate, this advisor takes coaches and fogeys step-by-step through:

  • Correct innovations of hitting
  • Developmental perform drills
  • Skills teenagers have to bat .300
  • And how one can celebrate alongside the best way

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The body functions as one unit. Whatever the lower half does, the upper half has to follow. That’s just how it works! Benefits Loading up serves as a timing mechanism. When the pitcher’s arm starts back, you begin shifting weight back to be in sync with him. The weight shift onto your front foot is more powerful when it starts from the rear foot, rather than from a central or neutral position. The value of loading up is nothing new. Consider this statement made many years ago by the legendary Branch Rickey: “No man who starts his swing from halfway back achieves the full limit of his acceleration.

This reduces bat speed and adversely affects quickness when bringing the barrel of the bat to the ball and overall timing. 41 Copyright © 2004 by Mountain Lion, Inc. Click here for terms of use. TLFeBOOK Coaching the Little League Hitter Loading Up A common hitting fault is to move or “carry” the hands forward along with the upper body and stride foot. 42 Analogies for loading up are numerous. For example, a pitcher doesn’t throw his best fastball from a neutral body position, with his weight centered.

Stand slightly back in the box with your front shoulder about even with the rear corners of the plate. After you’ve established your feet in the proper position, assume a fairly erect stance with your knees bent slightly. Next, fully extend the bat with your bottom hand only toward the far back corner of the plate and drop the barrel end of the bat onto the plate. Pay attention to where the end touches the TLFeBOOK You Ain’t Just Stylin’ Pull your hands down alongside your belt buckle. Bring the bat barrel forward so it is perpendicular to the pitcher.

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