Coaching youth softball by American Sport Education Program

By American Sport Education Program

Training early life Softball's double play of softball basics and crucial training talents, like speaking with mom and dad and officers, motivating avid gamers, and getting ready for video games and practices, makes this booklet a must-read as you arrange to satisfy the demanding situations and luxuriate in the rewards of training younger athletes.

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The umpire rules “safe,” but you stop cheering when you notice that your player is unable to get on her feet and seems to be in pain. What do you do? No coach wants to see players get hurt. But injury remains a reality of sport participation; consequently, you must be prepared to provide first aid when injuries occur and to protect yourself against unjustified lawsuits. Fortunately, coaches can institute many preventive measures to reduce the risk. In this chapter we describe steps you can take to prevent injuries, first aid and emergency responses for when injuries occur, and your legal responsibilities as a coach.

Protecting Yourself When one of your players is injured, naturally your first concern is the player’s well-being. Your desire to help youngsters, after all, was what made you decide to coach. Unfortunately, you must consider something else: Can you be held liable for the injury? From a legal standpoint, a coach must fulfill nine duties. We’ve discussed all but planning in this chapter (planning is discussed in chapters 5 and 10). The following is a summary of your legal duties: 1. Provide a safe environment.

For slow pitch, some leagues don’t require a chest protector, but why take a chance? It’s better to be on the side of safety. Any player warming up a pitcher should wear the catcher ­equipment as well. Special Equipment Although not necessary for younger children, older players will benefit from wearing a batting glove on each hand while hitting. The gloves help the hitter get a better grip on the bat and also offer some protection for the hands when sliding. Additionally, if cleared by a doctor, players may participate while wearing casts, braces, splints, or prostheses, as long as any hard, exposed surfaces are covered and padded.

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