Colloquial Russian - The Complete Course for Beginners by Svetlana Le Fleming

By Svetlana Le Fleming

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I especially liked the team Spartak. It was an excellent team and I still support it. M y brother was fond of swimming and used to swim twice a week at the pool. We had a very good swimming pool not far from school. M y sister was also keen on sport. She went in for gymnastics and was a gymnastics champion. We are still interested in sport, play tennis in summer and swim in winter. And of course, I am still a Spartak supporter. page_82 Page 83 8 Уpóк вocьмóй In this lesson you will learn how to: ● Discuss the weather ● Talk about holidays ● Refer to months of the year ● Use adjectives, possessives, зтoт, тoт, вecь and in cases other than the nominative ● Use cвoй Кaк óтпycк?

Eз нeгó и eгó пóмoщи тpýднo в M ocквé. yжé вcё зиáeт o ceмьé Cáши: знáeт, чтo eгó жeнý зoвýт Taмápa, дóчкy— , чтo y ниx ecть coбáкa—фoкcтepьép Фóмкa и кoт Toм. Oн знáeт, чтo Taмápa пo пpoфéccии—инжeнép, нo тeпépь oнá дoмáшняя . Taмápe тeпépь тpýднo: y ниx нeт бáбyшки, в дéтcкий caд eщё páнo, и Taмápa дoлжнá cидéть дóмa. Cáшa, кoнéчнo, cтapáeтcя пoмoгáть Taмápe. живёт в микpopaйóнe Чepтáнoвo, . Taм y ниx иóвaя . К coжaлéнию, дaлeкó: нáдo дéлaть двe пepecáдки нa мeтpó, a пoтóм éxaть нa aвтóбyce.

Yc. У (мaть) плoxóe нacтpoéниe. У (oнá) интepécнaя пpoфéccия. У (дoчь) yжácнaя . page_58 Page 59 3 Put the pronouns in brackets into the correct form: Я xopóшó знáю (oнá). Я дéлaю для (oнá). Oн ждёт (oн). У (oн) мáлeнькaя дoчь. Я пpиглaшáю ( ) в гócти. Я идý дoмóй бeз ( ). 4 Use the correct forms of дoлжeн and then of the verbs xoтéть and мoчь to complete the sentences. For example: дoмóй. дoлжнá дoмóй. xóчeт дoмóй. мóжeт дoмóй. …paбóтaть дóмa. Я…изyчáть pýccкий . … пo-pýccки. Tы…жить в M ocквé.

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