Commodity trading Techniques by J D hamon

By J D hamon

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E. to correct the route of the ship when its distance from the land is greater or less than 10 kilometres. The coast line is here the leading magnitude and the route of the ship is the following magnitude. Let us now consider another example of watching control. Liquid flows through two parallel pipes A and B. The speed of flow of the liquid in pipe B is a leading magnitude w. The task is to make the speed of flow of the liquid in pipe A (the following magnitude) equal to the speed offlowof the liquid in pipe B (the leading magnitude).

Using a cybernetic interpetation of operations on operators representing various types of couplings we can calculate the resultant operator of the operations of the whole set of systems. It follows that each system whose operator can be presented in the form of a sum, a difference, a product, or a quotient of other operators is actually a set of systems coupled with each other in a certain way. e. the multiplication of the state of input by the number k; (2) The differential operator D; (3) The lead operator E.

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