Creating Money by Samantha Steven

By Samantha Steven

This sensible how-to handbook is ready utilizing Divine like to create prosperity on your existence.

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Before you go to bed do the same thing. First of all thank God for how He/She has helped you that day, or question Him/Her, if certain problems still persist. I find it helps to write something like, "God, please take this problem away, get rid of it. I can't handle it. " Then do what you did in the morning by pouring out questions and concerns on paper. You can also list five people who have wronged you and ask for the strength to forgive them. After that, think of another five things you are grateful for and then list TEN people you know and ask God to give them blessings or provide solutions to their problems.

Below I have developed a simple journal program that will help to guide you and strengthen your faith in yourself and in your ability to handle the future. First of all, buy yourself a notebook that you really like and that has a hard enough cover that you can write sitting up in bed. Keep this journal by your bedside because you will write in it every day for at least ten minutes, once in the morning and once at night. In this book you will have your own personal conversations with God. It is an incredibly efficient way to clear any prosperity blocks that may be encouraged by your personality as it resists following your Higher Path.

Apparently, the unpleasant experiences that we attract into our lives are the result of a lack of faith in the Higher Power that lives within each and every one of us. This lack of faith manifests itself in a desire to control or a reluctance to let go. Dwelling on the past (especially to happier times) is also a big block, as it creates a feeling of discontent that prevents you from connecting with the wisdom of your inner self. This is why it is important for each and every one of Samantha Stevens * 38 us to practice some form of positive thinking and to replace all negative thoughts with thoughts of forgiveness, hope and success, no matter how hard it is.

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