Darksaber (Star Wars: Callista Trilogy, Book 2) by Kevin J. Anderson

By Kevin J. Anderson

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Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, cloaked through the strength and using with the adverse Sand humans, have back to the dunes of the wasteland planet Tatooine in hopes of discovering what Luke so desperately seeks: touch with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke is hoping the previous Jedi Knight's spirit will inform him the right way to support his love, Callista, regain her misplaced skill to exploit the strength. Tormented and haunted, Luke can't leisure till Callista is a Jedi within the fullest feel, for under then will the hyperlink among their minds and souls be restored. but brewing on Tatooine is information that may shake Luke and Han and threaten every little thing they value.

The traumatic piece of knowledge is that the evil Hutts, legal warlords of the galaxy, are construction a mystery superweapon: a reconstruction of the unique loss of life famous person, to be named Darksaber. This planet-crushing strength should be within the ruthless palms of Durga the Hutt -- a creature with out judgment of right and wrong or mercy.

But there's worse information but: the Empire...

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