Deathlands 25 Genesis Echo by James Axler

By James Axler

Discovering themselves reluctant site visitors at a reactivated Maine scientific institute, Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists develop into the sufferers of unethical medical examine that threatens Krysty Wroth's targeted powers.

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Come meet others," he said. "Be good," Ryan agreed. " THE TALK AROUND THE FIRE was like the most complex Navaho rug, intricately woven and interwoven, with everyone wanting to add their own strands to the pattern. B. whispered to one side of the fire, Jak was in earnest conversation with Trader and Abe about how best to balance a throwing knife, Doc and Sukie were the quietest. Ryan and Krysty decided, unspokenly, to save their private talk for bed. THEIR BLANKETS LAY between the land wag and the fire, giving them the best of seclusion and warmth.

B. asked, sitting at his side in the cab. " The Armorer took off his spectacles and began to polish the lenses. "Yeah. No cooking or sleeping facilities up there. Not now. Yeah, let's just do the climb, then do the jump. " DEAN LED THE WAY up the sandstone slope, talking animatedly with Jak. Abe and Trader were next, the older man sometimes using the trusty Armalite as a stick to help him over the rougher places. B. and Mildred were the third pair, climbing mainly in silence, as were Ryan and Krysty, following immediately behind them.

Trader slapped her hard across the face, knocking her to her knees in the dirt. "You're a fuckin' lyin' bitch! "he yelled. Chapter Two Doc Tanner wasn't essentially a man of violent and furious action. But be was up and across the porch and had swung a good solid haymaker at Trader's jaw before anyone could try to stop him. Trader parried it without much difficulty, though he was taken aback at the speed of the old man's response. "Just hold off," he grunted. " Abe asked. B. had moved. They'd ridden enough miles with Trader to know that he wasn't a man to do something like that without having a good reasonor at least thinking that he had a good reason.

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