Deathlands 28 Emerald Fire by James Axler

By James Axler

The Amazon Basin continues to be a land of primoridal good looks and primitive humans. Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists emerge from a gateway into an deserted U.S. army complicated, now a local shrine to the white gods of pre-blast days. right here the crowd is given royal remedy, merely to find that privilege has a blood cost. unique.

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Ryan looked around. " "I'll vote for that," Krysty added, lowering her voice as she stood close by Ryan. "Got my monthly, lover. " "Right. Ladies go first, with Dean and Jak. B. and me'll stand watch. " "Sounds good," Mildred whooped, dropping her denim jacket in the grass and sitting down to unlace her boots. Krysty was already out of her Western boots and was unholstering her blaster. Off came the pants and the white shirt, which left her in only her bra and panties, standing poised at the side of the lake like a carved goddess.

Asked in a calm, conversational voice, as though he were asking Ryan whether he thought the meat needed a touch more salt. "No. Not unless we have no choice about chilling them. Best to arrive someplace else and not start butchering the locals. " Doc boomed. " "Nothing, Doc. Keep a watch on the far side of the pool and tell us, quietly , if you see anyone over there. " The two pair of eyes were still watching Jak as he swam slowly around the edge of the pool. B. and Ryan, but they still made no attempt to move back into deeper cover.

Set where you'd find the hammer. " Ryan was fascinated by this arcane piece of blaster lore. " "Right. " "Real old blasters," Jak said. "Yeah," the Armorer agreed. " Krysty asked. "Find it a lot all the way across Deathlands. B. shook his head. " Mildred was looking around her. "I've never been down this far south," she said. "Spent a little time in Mexico. College days. Checking out some Toltec and Olmec ruins. " "I read about the Aztecs," Doc said. "Fascinating, the strengths and weaknesses of their way of life.

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