Deathlands 37 Demons of Eden by James Axler

By James Axler

Within the aftermath of a nuclear firestorm that destroyed a fashion of lifestyles without end, humankind is much less at domestic in the world than ever prior to, yet within the Deathlands, an intrepid staff of wayfarers maintains its made up our minds struggle for survival and a greater destiny.

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The other weapons were a variety of knives, nail-studded clubs and a short-handled ax. The tall man handed the jug to the beefy, swag-bellied man and wiped his beard with bloodstained fingers. Ryan tugged on her sleeve, and she eased back down beside the big, dark-haired man. She dabbed at the film of sweat on her upper lip. " He and Krysty slid down the hillside on the seats of their pants. The expressions on the faces of the four people below were tense and watchful. B. took off his eyeglasses and stowed them in one of the many capacious pockets of his coat.

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