Deliver Us From Darkness by Ian Gardner & Mario DiCarlo

By Ian Gardner & Mario DiCarlo

«Этой ночью мы умрем как мужчины», говорили доблестные солдаты 506-го парашютно-пехотного полка 101-й ВДД, когда они десантировались в Голландии в рамках операции «Маркет Гарден». Таких ночей оказалось seventy two

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One night we were awoken by the unusual sound of small-arms fire coming from the gun site but no alarm was given so we stayed in bed. The following morning while walking to school we passed by the guns and noticed that the Russians were no longer there. ” Due to shortages of domestic utilities, electricity and gas supplies were rationed and subsequently proved woefully inadequate during the bitterly cold winters of 1942 and 1943. Jenny Soons and her family spent most of their time in the kitchen where it was warmest.

Many KP members like Johannes Peerbolte worked under false identities: “I was eighteen years old in 1942 and living in Utrecht. com THE GERMAN INVASION AND OCCUPATION OF THE NETHERLANDS conscripted for war work, I moved to The Hague, where my parents lived, and went into hiding before masquerading as a railway engineer called Bob Maas. My sister was also involved with the same KP unit and acted as a money courier for the ‘divers’ that we were protecting. ” To counter against the crude propaganda peddled by the NSB newspaper Volk en Vaderland (Folk and Fatherland) early resistance groups across the country prepared, printed and distributed around 60 different anti-German leaflets that included such titles as Ons Volk (One People) and Het Parool (The Password).

The building was occupied by the Germans, and behind it was a small barracks. One of my friends lived next door to the garage so we decided to climb over the fence and explore. At the rear of the premises we found an old wooden storeroom, containing German vehicle spares and military equipment. We helped ourselves to handfuls of 9mm ammunition, a steel helmet and a pair of very smart-looking chrome headlamps. Kids will be kids, and it wasn’t long before we had built a camp, smashed up the headlights, thrown all the bullets onto a fire and invented a game that involved being struck on the head with a heavy stick while wearing the German helmet!

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