Eating Disorders: A Reference Sourcebook by Leigh Cohn

By Leigh Cohn

Consuming issues akin to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa pose a grave probability to the future health of hundreds of thousands of american citizens every year. This sourcebook brings jointly in one quantity an in depth volume of data and assets concerning the prognosis and remedy of those probably life-threatening stipulations. This quantity is a considerably up-to-date and extended model of Controlling consuming issues with evidence, suggestion, and assets (Oryx, 1992).

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Understanding Eating Disorders: Symptoms and Causes; 2. Physiological and Medical Issues; 3. Sociocultural Issues and Subgroups Affected by Eating Disorders; 4. Dieting and the Obesitites; and 5. Current Treatment Approaches. These chapters are followed by Part 6, Facilities and Selected Resources, listing treatment centers, nonprofit organizations, and sources for other information. In addition, a glossary defining terms used in the eating-disorders field follows this Preface. , those that "stamp in" an eating-disordered identity or a "stance" that is taken toward others through disordered eating that serves many purposes including the development of emotional separation in order to create a sense of self.

There are two types: Purging Type, with self-induced vomiting, laxative, diuretic, or enema abuse; and Non-purging Type, with other compensatory behaviors such as fasting or excessive exercise. cardiac arrhythmias:irregular heart rhythms that can result in fatal conditions. cognitive therapy:a method of treatment embracing a number of techniques that aim to change one's thinking in order to produce both behavioral and emotional changes. Some forms are known as "self-talk" therapy, reframing, and rational emotive therapy.

There are numerous chapters representing exciting developments in the field, including those on preventing eating disorders, the influence of culture and media, the effects of childhood trauma, and such therapeutic approaches as Narrative Therapy, Brief Therapy, and Drama/Expressive Therapies. Individuals with eating disorder behavior are becoming more understood as people with unique conflicts, histories, motives, and competencies. The chapters in this book are meant to stand alone and therefore may be overlapping.

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