Economic Justice and Natural Law by Gary Chartier

By Gary Chartier

Gary Chartier elaborates a specific model of monetary justice rooted within the usual legislations culture, explaining the way it is appropriate to fiscal concerns and constructing normal legislation money owed of estate, paintings, and fiscal defense. He examines a variety of case stories on the topic of possession, creation, distribution, and intake, utilizing average legislation idea as a foundation for staking positions on a couple of contested matters on the topic of fiscal lifestyles and highlighting the possibly revolutionary and emancipatory size of typical legislations idea.

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69 1. The heterogeneity of goals. Natural law theory emphasizes the irreducible diversity of the aspects of welfare. There is no one thing we seek when we act. 2. The objectivity of goals. Natural law theory acknowledges that we may sometimes reasonably choose among options that embody different aspects of welfare in light of our subjective responses to those options. But when one chooses among authentic aspects of human flourishing, what one chooses is inherently worthwhile. Its value is not Cf.

Thomas M. Scanlon, What We Owe to Each Other 295–317 (1998). 55 56 R e qu i r e m e n t s of pr ac t ic a l r e a s ona bl e n e s s 19 and torture, for instance. One way to understand it is as an inescapable entailment of the intrinsic value and incommensurability of the various dimensions of well being. Suppose I adopt an attack on a basic aspect of well being as the ­purpose of my action. Ex hypothesi, this cannot be, because the aspect of well being in question isn’t really an aspect of well being.

83 84 Nat u r a l l aw a n d e c onom ic l i f e 31 making decisions regarding the standards, practices, and structures that affect their lives. VII Natural law and economic life Rational reflection – whether on human inclinations, our sense of what harms human beings, diverse cultural practices, our own moral tradition, or the self-defeating character of denying the value of, say, knowledge or practical rationality – can give us some reason to identify various aspects of well being as basic, incommensurable, irreducible, and non-fungible.

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