Eiffel.An advanced introduction by Snyder A.A.

By Snyder A.A.

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0 Introduction Perhaps the most potent contribution to software reusability and adaptability is the notion of inheritance. Using this powerful facility, software construction becomes a simple task of adapting previously written, and more importantly, previously tested code. It is almost paradoxical, though in that this important feature of the object paradigm is almost never fully recognized in most programming languages that claim to be object oriented. Some may offer a single inheritance mechanism, others offer multiple inheritance, but do not provide facilities to deal effectively with such ambiguities as name collisions, and repeated inheritance.

5 LAND_VEHICLE and WATER_VEHICLE This section will introduce two new classes LAND_VEHICLE and WATER_VEHICLE both descendants of class VEHICLE as presented above. We will give the text for LAND_VEHICLE in a moment; WATER_VEHICLE will soon follow. Eiffel: An Advanced IntroductionPage 62 The basis of this section is to allow the reader to witness and participate in the inheritance mechanism used in a tangible example. At this point only single inheritance will be employed; multiple will be used in a later section when we develop a HYDRO_LAND_VEHICLE based upon WATER_VEHICLE and LAND_VEHICLE.

The specific features of class COMPARABLE that are required for a BIN_TREE to work properly are the actual comparison routines which BIN_TREE utilizes when determining where elements are to be placed in the tree. Without these, BIN_TREE would not be able to execute properly. Using the genericity mechanism, it is now possible to create completely (or partially) generic data structures with total safety, reliability and abstraction. 0 Overview The preceding chapters have shown how to use Eiffel in a select number of specific cases.

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