Electrospun Nanofibers for Energy and Environmental by Bin Ding, Jianyong Yu

By Bin Ding, Jianyong Yu

This publication bargains a complete evaluate of the newest advances in constructing sensible electrospun nanofibers for power and environmental purposes, which come with gas cells, lithium-ion batteries, sun cells, supercapacitors, strength garage fabrics, sensors, filtration fabrics, protecting garments, catalysis, structurally-colored fibers, oil spill cleanup, self-cleaning fabrics, adsorbents, and electromagnetic shielding.

This publication is geared toward either rookies and skilled researchers within the box of nanomaterials, in particular people who are attracted to addressing energy-related and environmental issues of the aid of electrospun nanofibers.

Bin Ding, PhD, and Jianyong Yu, PhD, are either Professors on the university of fabrics technology and Engineering, Donghua college, China.

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