Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws, and Theories: by Robert E Krebs

By Robert E Krebs

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He did the same with equal weights of gold and silver. Because gold has a greater density than silver, the ball of gold was smaller; thus with a smaller volume less water spilled over the edge of the bucket. Once he could measure the volumes of the water representing the volumes of the gold, silver, and the crown, all he needed to do was to divide the figures obtained for the weight of each item by their volume of water and calculate a ratio representing their comparative densities. He could then determine how much of the crown was gold and how much was silver.

Following are some of his original concepts: 1. Anaximander contested his mentor’s (Thales of Miletus) Anderson’s Theories and Model 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. assertion that water was the main substance (element) on Earth. Anaximander stated that basic matter is indefinite. This led to the Greek atomists’ concept of the indivisible atom of matter. The Earth does not ‘‘rest’’ on a body of water, as believed by many in his day. Rather, it is not supported by anything, but it is in equilibrium with other bodies in the universe.

Oddly, Agassiz’s studies raising funds to publish his map, but it was finally pubof fossils were used to support Darwin’s lished in 1815. A biography of William Smith by Simon theory of natural selection. Agassiz Winchester titled The Map That Changed The World— accepted and expanded on Georges The Birth of Modern Geology was published in 2001 by Cuvier’s catastrophism theory of evoluHarperCollins. The book’s cover is a unique expandable tion, which postulated periods of rapid geological map of the below-surface geological strucenvironmental changes, not natural ture of Great Britain.

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