Encyclopedia of World Cultures: South Asia by David Levinson

By David Levinson

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Oxford: Clarendon Press. Childe, Vere Gordon (1926). The Aryans: A Study of IndoEuropean Origins. , Ltd. Reprint. 1987. New York: Dorset Press. Thapar, Romila (1980). " In The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Archaeology, edited by Andrew Sherratt, 257-261. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. PAUL HOCKINGS Assamese ETHNONYMS: none The term "Assamese" is often used to refer to those who are citizens of Assam: Mymensinghy settlers (from Bangladesh) and tea-garden laborers are thus included in its coverage.

Joint families are rare because the allegiance of male and female offspring is transferred, first to the male and female dormitories, then to their own families, as the life cycle progresses. While monogamous unions are the Abor norm, polygynous arrangements are known. Consequently, households with cowives are not rare. Inheritance. The inheritance of all property descends through the male line. Sons share equally in the real property (land) of their father's estate. The same is true of the family house, though the youngest son inherits his father's house if he has chosen not to establish his own residence after marriage.

LeSHON KIMBLE Andamanese ETHNONYM: Mincopie Orientation Identification. The Andamanese are the indigenous tribes of Negrito hunters and gatherers of the Andaman Islands. In 1908, the term "Andamanese" referred to thirteen distinct tribal groups, each distinguished by a different dialect and geographical location. " The four extant tribes are the Ongees of Little Andaman Island, the Sentinelese of North Sentinel Island, the Jarwas of the Middle Andamans, and the Great Andamanese of Strait Island.

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