LATEX Notes: Practical Tips for Preparing Technical by Kenneth J. Shultis

By Kenneth J. Shultis

Quite a few years in the past, LaTeX set TeX clients unfastened. LaTeX liberated them from mundane chores corresponding to formatting and equation numbering, permitting writers to pay attention as a substitute at the rfile content material. Now, to assist those that desire to take an additional step past the constructions imposed by way of LaTeX, writer J. Kenneth Shultis provides a suite of confirmed tips, ideas, and recipes for harnessing the complete power afforded by means of this robust typesetting application.

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The names and purposes of these page layout parameters are shown graphically in Fig. 1. To reset some of these parameters from their default values, you would place in the preamble of your document something similar to the following. 7in The definitions of these and other page layout parameters are defined in Appendix B. Of special note here is the abbreviated 'lEX way in which the page layout parameters are specified. 7. 30 Sec. 1. 1: ]J\1E;X single-column page layout and the parameters used to define the dimensions of the various page components.

Then $\WLMeff$ will produce WLMeff. 12 Roman Font in Math Mode Often roman font and not italic font is needed in the math environment such as when typing chemical equations. For example, $$C + H_2 \rightarrow CH3$$ Sec. 13. 53 Boldface in Math Mode produces the unattractive C + 2H2 --+ CH4 The chemical symbols should be in roman font, and CH is not two separate variables multiplied together. To produce a better result, use $$ \rnbox{C} + \rnbox{2H_2} \rightarrow \rnbox{CH_4}$$ to produce As an alternative to using \rnbox{\rrnroman text }, you can define a \chern command to cause all characters to be roman.

Floats \begin{figure} \begin{table} [placement] table input, caption, label [placement] caption, label, figure input or \end{figure} \end{table} The placement parameter can be h (here), t (top), b (bottom), p (page), or any combination of these letter, for example, [htbp]. The placement h specifies that the float is to be printed where it appears in the input; that is, it will not float unless there is insufficient space on the page, in which case its printing is delayed (sweeping all subsequent floats with it) until a \clearpage is encountered.

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